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I am a 25-year-old unmarried girl. I was in a relationship 4 years back and we had an excellent sex life. It lasted for 2 years prior to we broke up. After that, I have actually been single till date. Now, I am in a relationship with another individual. When we made love the first time, he whined that he couldn’t feel anything after penetration. He informed me that my vagina is big and loose. Can it take place? I never ever had an infant or perhaps an abortion or any vaginal treatment. Can masturbation cause looseness in vagina? And if it holds true what can I do to get my tightness back. I am tensed about it. I’ve lost my self-confidence on bed. I am single and have my whole life ahead. Kindly reply ASAP.

Responded to by Sexual Wellness Doctor & & Medical Sex Therapist Dr Vijaysarathi Ramanthan

I am grateful that you did seek expert insight rather keeping it to yourself.

‘He told me that my vagina is big and loose’– this is a heavy judgment packed sentence told to you by your brand-new sweetheart. How does he understand that yours is huge and loose? It is well possible that his penis is smaller in girth therefore he is unable to feel. It is also possible that you are well lubricated that he might not feel much of a grip (this is specifically true if your boyfriend has always masturbated using his hands). As opposed to jumping to a conclusion that your vagina is big and loose, you require to be confident about yourself that you formerly had an equally pleasurable sex. To some extent, vagina gets a bit loose after 2 years of sex. Exactly what is required for you now is pelvic floor tightening workout (Kegel’s exercise) and some medication/relaxation for your mind. There are numerous vaginal tightening creams/gels offered on the net however I have no recommendation for any.

Open communication with your sweetheart is essential. If he is not able to understand your position and messes up the sexual experience due to the size, then there are couple of fundamental problems that you require to clarify/review with your partner. Sex belongs to life and in that intercourse is only a portion of sex. Please do not let a very small aspect of your sex take control of your whole life. You can also attempt kegel exercises that’ll assist boost your pelvic muscles.

Dr Ramanathan completed his undergrad course in medicine in India before moving to Australia in 2005. Ever since he has actually gotten three PG certifications– MMed-SexHlth, GradDip-HlthSc and PhD from the University of Sydney, one of the finest and oldest institutions. He has invested over 5 years (in Australia) looking into sexuality and sexual wellness of Indian men. Since 2009, through his website the SSS Centre for Sexual Wellness, he has been supplying health e-consultations, carried out community-based surveys and constructed a strong partnership with other sexual health experts. He has actually likewise worked with NGOs and the media to increase awareness about sexual wellness. He has undergone unique training in Wellness Training, Cognitive Behaviour Treatment and Therapy. His understanding of Indian sexuality has actually been acknowledged by his peers and for a book titled ‘The Cultural Context of Sexual Enjoyment and Problems’ which was released in 2012, he composed the chapter on Indian sexuality. He is the present agent of India and Asia Pacific region on the Youth Initiative, World Association for Sexual Health. He can be consulted on his internet site


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