Loose Vagina Problems? Here are your options!

Having a loose vagina decreases your enjoyment of sex, as well as that of your partner. If you are here and you are reading this text, then you already know that. It’s not news to you.

Let’s get one thing clear, All the men I’ve talked to have said, that there’s no reason to have any negative feelings (shame or guilt probably) about your vagina. It is never a deal-breaker for someone, who cares. Knowing that doesn’t always change the negative feelings, though.

However, there’s one thing you SHOULD be upset about. Just think of how much pleasure you are missing out on. How much pleasure are you missing out on giving to your partner and seeing his face while he penetrates you. Remember how good it felt to have a big penis in your tight vagina and get pissed off that you can’t feel that way anymore.

Right now, if your vagina is loose, probably 

– you get little pleasure from sex

– you can see the lack of satisfaction on your partner’s face

– your sexual confidence is low

There’s absolutely no need to experience this.

Instant Virgin is a fast-acting spray, that

– shows full results in 5-10 minutes after use

– gives you back the tight vagina you want, and that feeling of fullness during sex

– receive the confidence, that you can pleasure your man

– with regular use for 3 months, receive permanent results

You can do all that, when you buy Instant Virgin.



Of course, there are other method you can try. First, we have vaginal surgery. This, of course, is highly reliable way to tighten your vagina easily. You just have to pay a few thousand dollars and go through the surgery and the recovery period. If you are willing to do that, good for you. You will most likely get very good results.

Personally, I’m yet to go into surgery for a different problem, so… I can tell you, if I knew there was another way, I wouldn’t even consider it as an option. In my case, I don’t see another way, that is not bad for my health. Instant virgin, however, is completely natural and safe to use. 


Then, there are kegels (vaginal exercises).  To do a kegel, you need to

  • You need to be sitting or lying down. When you are in such position, contract the muscles that you generally use to stop urination. You will know you’re doing it right if you feel your urethra and anus being squeezed. If, however, your stomach becomes contracted, then you are not doing it properly.
  • Once you’ve found the right way to do this, squeeze for 3 sec and then relax for another 3 sec.
  • The best way do to it is in a set of 10 to 15 repetitions. You’ll get the best results if you do this 3 times every day. You can easily do this in public, without anyone knowing.

Kegels have several benefits. They

– are a free, but slow way to tighten your vagina

– slow results can make it harder to motivate yourself

– great for retaining your great results, that you gained from using other methods

I definitely recommend combining kegels with Instant Virgin for the best loose vagina remedy, that money can buy.


There are also other, less popular and more exotic methods, that people have used for that particular purpose.

In China, they have been known to use Jade eggs for thousands of years to improve blood flow and elasticity of a woman’s vagina. However, those eggs don’t seem as a safe option to me, primarily because they can get stuck inside you. I don’t see any reason to rely on old methods – they are not always better.

There are other such methods, which probably worked for our ancestors, but nowadays seem quite outdated. For me, a combination of kegels and Instant Virgin was my permanent solution with just 3 months of use.